John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


For the John Thompson Rowley and Jane Paul family, contact:

George Galloway
345 Marion St.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Verda (Rowley) Murphy
RT. 2,
Chinook, Montana

For the John Thompson and Mary Jane Smith family, contact:

Luella (Jones) Downard
352 E. 5th S.
Price, Utah

Walter Thompson Rowley and Lena Peterson family

Mrs. Buella Rowley
Deseret, Utah

James Rowley and Mary Day:

Mrs. Claude Warner
Delta, Utah

James Rowley and Martha Day:

John Van Rowley
2656 Chadwick
Salt Lake City, Utah

Maria Rowley and George Hollam:

Stella Shail
70 College Ave.
Rexburg, Idaho

George Arthur Rowley:

Mrs. C.H. Howarth
2015 Windsor
Salt Lake City, Utah

Urina Rowley and Thomas Jensen Neilson:

Burnette (Neilson) Muir
No address as yet

George Rowley (James Rowley and Mary Day):

Delell (Jack) Brunson
No address as yet

Moroni Rowley and Mary Maxfield
No family reporter as yet

In order to be published in the following issue all family news; histories, research, etc. must be in the hands of your family reporter on or before the 1st of April, 1957.

You reporters must get you news into us, the editors, on or before the 10th of April. This is necessary in order to set up our paper and put it out by May 1, 1957. PLEASE CO-OPERATE WITH US IN THIS MATTER, WE NEED YOUR NEWS.

*May be edited for correct info if needed. Notifications will be posted if corrections are made


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