John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Following is the list of our subscribers up to date. I hope you find your name, if not our subscribers, if not our subscription rate is $1.00 per year and may be sent to any of the three editors. We urge you to subscribe right away, and thus enjoy this fine bulletin.

David W. Rowley
898 N. 4 E.
Bountiful, Utah

George Galloway
348 Marion St.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Eldora Moulton
129 E. 8 S.
Springville, Utah

Luella (Jones) Downard
352 E. 2 S.
Price, Utah

Verda (Rowley) Murphy
Chinook, Montana

Arthur Jones
266 S. 450 W.
Cedar City, Utah

Myrtle Jennings
619 27th
Ogden, Utah

Angie Warner
Delta, Utah

Eleanor (Bennett) Terry
674 N. 6 W.
Provo, Utah

Myrtle (Bennett) Carlton
Rt. 2 Box 759
Provo, Utah

William R. Jones
10 W. 2 N.
Salt Lake City, Utah

If your name isn’t listed, please be sure and mail your subscription right away and insure yourself a copy of the Bulletin each time it is published for a year.

*May be edited for correct info if needed. Notifications will be posted if corrections are made


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