John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed this, the first edition of our family bulletin as much as we have in editing it. We hope, too that you will be sure to send any suggestions or news of any kind to your reporters or the editors.

We would like to express our gratitude to all those who have helped in any way with this paper. We feel that it can be a source of enjoyment in your home as well as a source of genealogical information and an aid in keeping and adding to our personal and family records.

We hope we haven’t overlooked anything or stepped on anyone’s toes, but we do regret that more of the desired reports did not reach us in time or at all. We feel sure you will understand our position and co-operate with us in the fullest extent. If you have additional family news that was missed in this issue, please report it and we will publish it in our next issue. Also, send us any suggestions that you think would improve our paper.

Since this is principally a genealogical bulletin, we would like to include as our closing remarks this poem, which oft times seems so typical of ourselves.

“The sorrowful little man shook his head
I guess it’s good that I am dead,
No one had cares for me in life,
And Now it seems its still the same
For no one yet has searched out my name.
I wish someone would make a start
To find which family I’m a part.
For someone who’s alive today,
Could make my waiting much more gay,
If he’d just find his family tree
That links him straight on back to me.”

*May be edited for correct info if needed. Notifications will be posted if corrections are made


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