John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


It is a pleasure and an opportunity to once again bring to you this family bulletin. It is very gratifying to us to see the wonderful response with which you have accepted our efforts in bringing you this edition.

If you remember we requested that subscription and the contributions be sent to different person. We have decided that it would be much easier to keep an accurate record of your contributions and such if they were all sent to one person. The request is that all money, regardless what it is for, be sent to the organization Secretary, who is Mrs. Vernall Humphries, 1033 W. 5 N. Salt Lake City, Utah. So if you will please make note of this change.

Also at Christmastime we would like to extend to Mrs. Humphries, our deepest appreciation for the grand job she is doing in her position. We realize she has been recovering from an operation, and extend our regards and wished her a speedy and complete recovery on her part.

Our goal or objective this issue so to bring to your attention, the Rowley Family Reunion which is coming up in June. Since this is the last issue before Reunion we want to stress to you and your family the wonderful opportunity we have in our family organization. We do hope you will all make an effort, a special effort, to come to the Reunion which has been set for June 22, 1957, to be held in FILLMORE, UTAH. We feel that these activities and objectives are for you and do hope you feel likewise. Our organization Presidency is putting a lot of work and worry into this Reunion, but only you can make it the success they hope for. So won’t you please mark the date on your calendar, so you won’t let it slip your mind, June 22, in Fillmore.

We apparently gave the impression to some last issue that the subscription rate is one dollar an issue. We are sorry if we have done so, but the rate is one dollar for the year, in that time you will receive four issues. We hope this will clear up any misunderstanding. We will apply, for those of you who have sent in two subscriptions, toward the family organization, unless you desire otherwise. Thank you, Editors

*May be edited for correct info if needed. Notifications will be posted if corrections are made


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