John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Mr. & Mrs. Lorin Wilcox, St. Helena, California
David Smith Rowley, Helper, Utah
Walter I. Rowley, Eureka, California
Eva Rowley Stoddard, Los Angeles, California
Mae Wheeler, Clearfield, Utah
Leon Emerson Rowley, Revalli, Montana
Mr. & Mrs. Smoot Rowley, Bynum, Montana
Edna Rowley Rasmussen, Duchesne, Utah
Richard D. Rowley. Otis, Colorado
Ralph A. Rowley, Tacoma, Washington
Mary Ann Jones, Salt Lake City, Utah
John Emerson Rowley, Charlo, Montana
Lucy M. Rowley, Salt Lake City, Utah
Lorin P. Rowley, Salt Lake City, Utah
Paul C. Rowley, Kearns, Utah
Mrs. Bernetta Muir, Fillmore, Utah
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Rowley, Duchesne, Utah
Mr. & Mrs. Vivian Wade, Fillmore, Utah
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Stoddard, Shelley, Idaho
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Bridley, Salt Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cutler, Shelby, Montana
Mr. & Mrs. Otto C. Lambertson, Aurora, Utah
Mrs. Florence Bilbro, Shelby, Montana
Mrs. Rebecca Odendahl, Green River, Utah
Mrs. Henry Brunson, Fillmore, Utah
Mrs. Very Rowley, Caliente, Nevada
Mrs. Norma Banks, Salt Lake City, Utah
Mr. & Mrs. Deloy J. Gardner, Hampton, VA
Mr. & Mrs. George A. Rowley, Helper, Utah
Mr. & Mrs. Luke Day, Springville, Utah
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred D. Peterson, Selma, California
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Rowley, Great Falls, Montana
Mr. & Mrs. Miland Rowley, Reno, Nevada
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Rowley, Alaska
Mr. Noland Rowley, Germany
Mr. & Mrs. Don Warner, Bountiful, Utah
Mrs. LaRue R. Donaldson, Salt Lake City
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Rowley, Kenai, Alaska
Mrs. Mabel Willard, Long Beach, California
Mr. & Mrs. Dwain E. Judkins, Orem, Utah

*May be edited for correct info if needed. Notifications will be posted if corrections are made


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