John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


The family representative, Mary Ann Rowley Jones has prepared a great many family group sheets for filing in the archives, working on them diligently and earnestly since 1936. At that time the sheets went through the archives and temple as, Ralph Nephi Rowley, “Heir”. A few years ago the system was changed to a “family representative.” From this time on the sheets were sent through as Mary Ann Rowley Jones, family representative. George A. Rowley paid a researcher for much of the research that has been done since that time.

Since the organization of the family she has had prepared for filing a great many of the family group sheets of the living as well as the dead. She has the William Edward Jones and Mary Ann Rowley descendants complete to the last detail. The David Smith Rowley and Sarah Noyes descendants complete except for three grandchildren’s families. Myrtle Deardon Jennings has sent in her family complete back to James Rowley and Mary Day. Clara Rowley O’Toole is working hard to complete her family. We have a great many sheets of the descendants of others but not complete.

PLEASE help out if you have been contacted; please send them in for filing. If you have not as yet been contacted—you will be soon, so please prepare them and have them ready or better still mail them in to the family representative—

Mary Ann Rowley Jones
252 Almond Street
Salt Lake City, Utah


*May be edited for correct info if needed. Notifications will be posted if corrections are made


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