John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Some of you may have on your records errors in some of the dates regarding the sailing of Ralph Nephi Rowley and his family. The following information was received concerning it.

December 12, 1941 Salt Lake City, Utah the Church Historians Office. 47 East South Temple St. of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Salt Lake City, Utah.

George A. Rowley
2015 Windsor St.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Brother Rowley,

We find the following information on our records. Ralph Nephi Rowley, his wife Mary Ann, and his 3 children, John Rowley, Hugh Rowley and Ephraim Rowley, came from Glasgow, Scotland, and sailed from Liverpool, 10 Jan 1852, on the ship Kennebec. This boat landed at New Orleans, 11 March 1852. The record shows that Brother Ralph Nephi Rowley was a potter by trade. The ages of this family at the time of sailing were: Ralph Nephi 27, Mary Ann 26, John 5, Hugh 3, and Ephraim four months.

James Rowley, age 23, brother of Ralph Nephi Rowley, arrived in Salt Lake City sometime between December 10 and December 15, 1856. He was a member of William B. Hodgett’s Ox-train company. We are unable to find the company’s that many people have some with.

December 22, 1941 Salt Lake City, Utah
this is copied from Historian’s Letters

In my letter of December 12, 1941 (the above letter), I have listed the only James Rowley that I can find. I will try now to help you with some of the names that you have asked for.

Robert Walters, aged 26, sailed from Liverpool 30 May 1863, on the ship “Cynosure”.

This boat arrived in New York, 19 July 1863. With Brother Walters, was his wife, Abigail Walters, age 26, and their infant son, Thomas Walters. Also on this boat was Sarah Rowley, a widow, aged 59, and the mother of Abigail Walters, also Mariah Rowley. This is all the information I can give to you on names you listed with me.

We hope these letters clear up any misunderstandings concerning these facts.


*May be edited for correct info if needed. Notifications will be posted if corrections are made


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