John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


This is a letter received by David Wm. Rowley dated March 16, 1957, from Tacoma, Washington.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rowley,

If it is possible we would like to establish our relation with other members of the Rowley Family.

Moroni and Mary Maxfield Rowley homesteaded in Garfield County, Colorado, near Grand Valley before the turn of the century. They had fourteen children, twin boys died in infancy a baby girl Edna at less than a year old. Two daughters passed on after having reached maturity and marriage, leaving offspring. Effe Rowley Nichols left a son Robert Richard. Frances Rowley left a son Joseph and a daughter Mary O’Toole. Frances Rowley was the wife of John O’Toole.

Moroni and Mary Maxfield Rowley died in the year 1917 in Colorado. Their living descendants are: five sons, four daughters, twenty grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. They are scattered from east to west and from north to south.

This letter came from Ralph A Rowley

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Rowley of Duchesne have a son, Elder Alan Keith Rowley, on a mission at Gallup, New Mexico. He is working with the Navaho Indians.

They also have a new baby granddaughter, Rebecca Elizabeth Medram. She is the daughter of Howard and Verna Joy Medram, born on Feb 19, 1957.

The following are a few excerpts from a letter written to Luella Downard Jones from Clara O’Toole.

“My sisters and brother and I have 20 youngsters and I have the only great-grandchildren, and there are five.

“When I was a youngster around 12 years old I had several letters from a cousin, Ralph, who was probably five years older than I. I do not remember which uncle he belonged to though.

“My oldest daughter, Lottie Bayton, born in 1909, has three daughters. Two of them are married. The oldest, Beverlee, born in 1931, married to Jack Pierce, has four youngsters; Sally born in 1950, Shelly in 1951, Russell, in 1953 and Jack in 1956. The middle daughter Barbara Bayton, born in 1935, is married to Gerald Johnson and is expecting a baby any day. (Since this letter was written some weeks ago she has probably had her baby, but we have not heard what it was.)”


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