John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


I wish to thank the following people who have helped me in gathering this history:

My mother, Mary Ann Rowley Jones, who gave $20 to help finance a trip and three days research to Fillmore and Meadow and a trip and six days research to Salt Lake City. She also accompanied me on these excursions and rendered a great deal of help to the cause.

Otto C. Lambertson and wife Lillan Day Lambertson and son Arthur Delane Lambertson took us from Aurora to Meadow to the home of Fern Day Steward and to Lenna Rowley Bushnell.

We stayed with Lenna Rowley Bushnell who was so very kind to us. Who drove us to many places of interest in Meadow and Fillmore—making three trips to Fillmore for us.

Fern Day Steward accompanied us to Fillmore, assisting us in the interviewing of the following children of James Rowley, whom I also wish to thank Urina Rowley Neilson, George Rowley, and Emily Rowley Wade.

Vivian Wade kindly took us from place to place in Fillmore.

In Salt Lake City, Mrs. William Rowley (Olive) Jones went with me and was a great help to me in copying so many things.

David Wm. Rowley took me out to Aunt Lucy’s (wife of John Thompson Rowley Jr.), where we interviewed her and received a great deal of help.

Luke Day loaned me two histories written by Uncle George Arthur Rowley that have added so very much interest to our story.


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