John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Chairman of staff:  Angie Warner
1733 So. 8th East, Orem, Utah

Vivian Wade, Fillmore — James, Ralph and Mary Day Rowley Family.

John Van Rowley, 2656 Chadwich St., Salt Lake City — James Rowley and Martha Day Family.

George Albert Rowley, Helper, Utah — John Thompson Rowley and Jane Smith Family

Verda Rowley Murphy, Chinook, Montana — John Thompson Rowley and Jane Smith Family

Research cont.

Luke Day, 973 so. 5 East, Springville, Utah — Arthur Day and Elizabeth Rowley family.

Rebecca Scott, 2407 So. 6 Ave., Arcadia, California — Curtis Galloway & Harriett Ann Rowley family.

Buella Rowley, Deseret, Utah — Walter Rowley & Lena Peterson family.

Chester Lyman, Duchesne, Utah — Ira Lyman & Elizabeth Rowley family.

Clara O’Toole, 1467 McArthur Blvd., Oakland, 2, California — Moroni Rowley & Mary Maxfield family.

Hughetta Howarth, 2015 Windsor, Salt Lake City, Utah — George A. Rowley & Stena Hansen family.

Estella Shail, 70 College Ave., Rexburg, Idaho — Mariah Rowley Hallans family.


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