John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Mr. & Mrs. Lorin Wilcox
Helena, California

Rebecca Galloway Scott
Arcadia, California

The following have made contributions to the family organization in the amount of $2.00 or more:

Luke Day, Springville, Utah
Mrs. John O’Tolle, Oakland 2, California
Freeman Rowley, Fillmore, Utah
Bernetta Muir, Fillmore, Utah
Chester R. Lyman, Duchesne, Utah
Vivian Wade, Fillmore, Utah
Ray Rowley, Fillmore, Utah
Jennie Davis, Provo, Utah
Verda Day Hotchkiss, Arizona
George Rowley, Fillmore, Utah
Loren Rowley, Deseret, Utah
Verda Murphy, Chinook, Montana
Tom Nielson, Fillmore, Utah
John Van Rowley, Salt Lake City, Utah
Melvin Rowley, Fillmore, Utah
Miss Eva Hill, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Walter Rowley, Eureka, California
Emily R. Wade, Fillmore, Utah
Elma Wade, Fillmore, Utah
Eva Warner, Fillmore, Utah
Lorenzo Day Rowley, Arizona
Arthur Rowley Jones, Cedar City, Utah

These contributions have been made since the last edition if the bulletin. We acknowledge their remittance and heartily thank them for it. The dues for the Family Organization are $2.00 per year per family. It is requested that all contributions, subscriptions or money of any kind be sent to our new secretary, Max Lambertson, whose address is above.

It is requested that all news items be mailed to Mrs. Marjorie Judkins, 1684 South ???? Street Orem, Utah. Our deadline date is October 10th, please respond!!

It has become necessary to raise the subscription rate on our paper. This was discussed and voted upon at the last reunion. Since the old rate would not cover all expenses, the new rate will necessity be $2.00 per year. ?? Please send all subscriptions to our new secretary, Max Lambertson, 164 Lucy Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah.

All members, upon payment of dues, must fill out a family group record sheet of their family as part of the requirements for membership. It will help us to identify and to make a more perfect family organization record.


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