John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Our organization is still a comparatively young one, subject to criticism from some, encouragement from others, but we hope it means interest and unity from most of our fellow members.

We need help from all of you to make our organization and also our paper a success. News items help the genealogy and the history department and every branch of the organization is bound to benefit. What is news to one may mean history in another sense to someone else.

So send in your news items no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. Some day we may all be able to look back into the files of the John Rowley and Sarah Wright Rowley Organization papers and find many things of value.

Each reporter sending in news should put the name of the family head over his news items. If the family head or reporter is not known, the one sending in the news should identify himself and the information will be sent back to him.

New items to report consist of identification, dates, etc.:

1: Vacations                                            10: Deaths
2: Marriages                                            11: Bible Records
3: Births                                                  12: Photos
4: Baptisms                                             13: Old news clippings
5: Priesthood Ordinations                       14: Biographies
6: Graduations                                         15: Diaries
7: Changes of Address                            16: Family Records
8: Sickness                                              17: Family Histories
9: Misfortunes                                         18: Old Letters

Reporters of each family are asked to send in their news and if there is none, to report so. We humbly solicit the cooperation of each and every member of the organization to help us carry on this important task we have undertaken and ask the blessings of our Heavenly Father on all of you.

                                                                Luke Day
1st Vice President


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