John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


This is your research staff and the families they represent. If there is any way you can help; and there is. Please contact your representative. See that they get your complete family record that they may be in the family files, for we want a record of all the families, accurate and complete.

Mrs. Angie Warner
1733 South 8th East
Orem, Utah

James and Ralph Rowley and Mary Day family

Vivian Wade
Fillmore, Utah

James Rowley and Martha Day family

John Van Rowley
2656 Chadwick Street
Salt Lake City, Utah

John T. Rowley and Jane Smith Family

George Albert Rowley
Helper, Utah

John T, Rowley and Jane Paul Family

Verda R. Murphy
Chinook, Montana
Luke Day on the Day side

Walter T. Rowley and Lena Peterson Family

Luella Rowley
Deseret, Utah

Ira Lyman and Elizabeth Rowley Family

Chester Lyman
Duchesne, Utah

Moroni T. Rowley and Mary Maxfield Family

Clara O’Toole
1467 McArthur Blvd.
Oakland 2, California

George Arthur Rowley and Stena Hansen Family

Hughetta Howarth
2015 Windsor
Salt Lake City, Utah

Maria Rowley and Hallam Smith Family

Estella Shail
70 Collage Avenue
Rexburg, Idaho

James Rowley and Hannah Barrows Family


Zuriah Rowley and Lorenzo Snow Lyman Family



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