John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Emerson A. Rowley
1419 Santa Clara
Eureka, California

May 1, 1957 was the marriage date of Arthur Alderson Rowley to Miss Frances Louise Shoemaker, of Eureka, California. The groom Arthur Rowley is the son of Sarah Marie Alderson, who is the daughter of Mr. Arthur Alderson and Violet Demmon and was born in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. The groom’s father is Emerson Adis Rowley, son of Hugh Thompson Rowley, and Grace Davis and was born at Milo, Idaho. Hugh is the son of John T. and Jane Paul. Arthur joined the U.S.N. training at San Diego, California is now enjoying a 14 day leave visiting with his wife, Frances, along with her folks, and with his parents and brother and sister, his married sister and her husband Hugh G. Byrd, along with their children  and Larry Byrd. He will return next week to his home where he will attend school for 14 weeks preparing for the trade he expects to follow which is electricity. This date is November 16, 1957.

August 31, 1957 was a very happy day in the family of Emerson A. Rowley as that is the day that his wife Sarah Marie was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The ordinance was performed by the husband, Emerson who was very happy to be allowed the privilege to act in this occasion. The baptism was witnessed by their oldest daughter, Mrs. Violet Byrd and the oldest son Emerson Alderson Rowley, this now makes the family 100% members of the Church.

Thanksgiving Day for the Emerson A. Rowley family will be very early this year so that the family can all celebrate the day together as Arthur will be returning to the Navy base, thereby leaving an empty chair at the table.

November 16, 1957  Emerson A. Rowley receives a call.  While sitting here writing this sheet I received a phone call from Arcata, California and to my surprise it was my nephew on the phone. He is filling a mission in Northern California and was in Arcata attending a baptismal service, the missionaries name was Elder Clayton Rowley, son of David William Rowley and Lillian Alcorn Rowley of Bountiful, Utah.


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