John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

REPORTED BY, Verda Murphy
Rt. #2
Chinook, Montana

Due to the extremely cold weather in Montana many of the sugar beets have been frozen in the ground and it is doubtful that they will be able to harvest them at all.

Bert Murphy son of Bert Murphy and Verda Rowley Murphy is serving in the armed forces in Thule, Greenland. His wife Joyce, is in Dallas, Texas and Bert recently enjoyed a two week leave there with his wife.

The Bert Murphy and Verda Rowley Murphy family have all been down with the “Flu”. It developed into pneumonia and pleurisy with Virginia and she has been on the Sacred Hearts Hospital at Havre. She arrived home for Thanksgiving although she is still under the doctor’s care.

Lawrence Rowley, the son of Francis Rowley who was the son of Hugh T. Rowley who was the son of John T. Rowley and Jane Paul.

Lawrence has been in the service in Alaska as a radio technician is being released before Christmas, but at present is in the Naval Hospital in Bremerton, Washington for a throat disorder of some kind. He will be home for the holidays to see his wife Kay Green Rowley and his new born son, born 26 of November at 9:15 and weighing 9 Ibs. and 34 oz. a fine big boy. His hair looks like it might be red and they named him Steven Vance Rowley. They are both doing fine.

Francis and Erma also expect Nolan, Lawrence’s brother home from Germany for the holidays, so it will be a happy reunion for them during the holiday. Both Lawrence and Noland expect to attend the B.Y.U. at Provo for the next quarter.

Miland Rowley another brother of Lawrence and son of Francis and Erma Rowley is working at the bank in Kalispell though he has had a sort of breakdown, but is still working.


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