John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


CONVICTION….That word packs the power of dynamite. A person possessing a strong conviction of something is rich indeed. We as members of this family are proud of our heritage. We are especially proud of those who have passed it on to us. Many of us are still unaware of those ancestors who worked to give us this heritage. Therefore, I have a strong CONVICTION —- that through this paper we can become acquainted with those of whom we have just spoken as well as with each other. But now we find that just conviction is not enough, but we must match it with another great fundamental principal of life —- that of progress. Conviction with tolerance, cherished beliefs with eagerness to learn, a resolute faith with genuine curiosity, a sense of destiny with a sense of adventure and progress.  The combination of these things can bring truly amazing accomplishments. Let us dwell on this word ‘conviction’ for a moment.  According to O. C. Tanner in his book “Christ Ideals for Living”, “Conviction itself may also bring us a whole train of evils in its path; holding unimportant matters to be of equal importance to the ‘weightier matters if the law’ conviction can be stubborn and shut the mind off from the growth and progress of promising possibilities and rewarding new truth; conviction can be obstinate in its pride of certitude and she one off from fellowship with his fellowman, and even God,” It is evident that the quality of the ideal of conviction, like other ideals, is determined by the matters upon which our conviction centers.

As I stated at the first of this article, I am thoroughly convinced of the importance and usefulness of this to us as a family. Again, we express gratitude to those of you who have this far shared our conviction in sending us valuable information and interesting articles. We will do our best to print the information that you send in the paper so will you also add to your conviction of this work — patience is seeing it in print.

Sincerely, Vivian Wade


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