John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Luella Jones Downard

I am trying so hard to find someone, ANYONE, who will help me with the James Rowley history. We have discovered many interesting facts, but most of what we have is only statistics, which are very nice to have, but don’t tell us very much of a man. We have found some very interesting items about his first wife and their child, Zuriah, who married Lorenzo Snow Lyman in Fillmore in 1874. We must know more of his marriage and life with Hannah Barrows. Will some of these descendants please help me with any stories they know of his life.

You descendants of Mary Day and James Rowley, please contact your parents and relatives and help with this part of his life.

Will you children of John Rowley who was a son of James Rowley and Martha Day, please help me with this phase of his life?

The reason we have such a nice history of Ralph Nephi Rowley, is because of the help we have been able to obtain in writing it.


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