John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Verda Murphy, Chinook, Montana

Word has just been received from far away Brazil that Elder Sheldon R. Murphy has just been called to the First Counselorship in the Brazilian Mission Presidency under Pres. Asael T. Sorenson. Sheldon is the son of Verda Rowley Murphy, who is the daughter of Hugh T. Rowley, son of John T. Rowley and Jane Paul.

Lawrence Thornton Rowley, his wife, Kay and son Steven Vance are now located at 615 ½ Second Street in Havre, Montana. Lawrence is attending Northern Montana College?????????????????????????????????? and Erma Thornton Rowley ?? Kalispell, Montana. Bert Thomas Murphy, who is stationed at Thule, Greenland with the Air Force has just re-enlisted with that division of Uncle Sam’s Forces.

It was a very happy reunion of the H. Francis Rowley family this past holiday season. Their son Noland arrived home from Germany and Lawrence from Alaska in time to spend Christmas with the home folks. On January 2 and 3 they visited at the home of Bert Murphy in Chinook.

Miland T. Rowley and family are moving back to Reno, Nevada, to make their home. They have one son and one daughter. Miland is the son of the above mentioned H. Francis Rowley family.


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