John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Jennie B. Davis of
682 No. 8th West, Provo, Utah

Mrs. Andrew G. Sperry Jr. and lovely little daughter, Susan, has been visiting in Provo with her father, Mr. Tracy Calvin and the Andres S. Terry Sr. family for the past three weeks. She plans on leaving for home in Richland, Washington about Feb. 24 or 25. Her husband, Andrew Jr. was unable to make the trip with her at this time. Andrew was released from the Army July 12, 1957. On their trip home, he and Nyra and little Susan visited in Southern Ill. Where Andrew filled an L.D.S. mission about five years ago.

They were happy to learn that several of the many friends he made in the mission field had joined the L.D.S. Church and were happily active in the branch of that section.

Andrew is now employed in Richland, Washington by General Electric Co. in the Atomic Energy Plant.

Andrew is Age Group Counselor in their ward Y.M.M.I.A.. Nyra is a very talented young woman with a good deal of musical ability. They live at 1017 Birch, Richland, Washington. Andrew is the son of Andrew S. Terry Sr. and Eleanor Bennett daughter of Eliza May Rowley and David A. Bennett.

P.F.C. David Reed Terry, another son, is stationed at Newnberg, Germany with the U.S. Army. He also is active in the branch of the church nearest his station, he has taken part in plays, put on by the M.I.A,. I do believe he would enjoy the Family Paper. His address is: P.F.C. David R. Terry, U.S. 56268837, M.P. Detachment (C.I.) A.P.O. 696, New York, N.Y.

A missionary conference was held there close to where he is stationed and David was able to attend. He met a friend of his from his Ward here in Provo, Ronald Lewis, whom I know very well. Both boys were happy to meet so far from home.

Andrew Terry Sr. and wife, Eleanor, are very busy in church activities. Eleanor, my sister, is secretary of the Y.L.M.I.A.. Andy sings in the quot and holds other positions ???????????? is a Seventy.

Andy and Eleanor and Paul Linda Ann toured the northwest last summer and spent some time with Andrew Jr. and Nyra and Susan. They visited Seattle and Portland and Spokane and through the Salmon River Valley, Sun Valley, Idaho, down to Ely and Baker Nevada where they visited with Bishop Martin Terry, brother of Andrew and his wife Rhoda.

P.F.C. John Robert Carlton, son of Elmer Carlton and Myrtle Bennett, another daughter of David and Eliza is stationed at Camp Pendleton, California received the Martar Marksmanship Award for the Martar Platoon, Oct. 8, 1957.

Robert received his promotion to Feb. 1957 and his diploma in May 1957. He was transferred from the Bon Homme Richland C.V.A. 31 (Carrier) to Camp Pendleton about that time.

Robert’s mother, Myrtle and Eleanor Terry, his Aunt, motored to Camp Pendleton, California October1, 1957 and spent 5 days visiting with Robert. They went sight-seeing and had a very enjoyable time.

Robert spent a 21 day leave home during the Christmas holidays. This was the first time in three years the Jack and Myrtle have had all their children home at once since Christmas 1954. Robert joined the marines three years ago this May and served over a year in the Far East. And Marion, their daughter and her husband, Aaron lived in Fairbank, Alaska for almost two years. Their little son was born there in August 1956 (He is just the cutest thing you ever have seen). So the 1957 Yule Season was a real joyous one for the Carlton family.

Robert is going, or has gone, on a field trip with his outfit into the Sahara, Nevada region for a specified period of time.

Elmer (better known as “Jack”) Carlton and Myrtle are very busy people in the Church and home. Jack is block teacher supervisor and is on the ward maintenance committee. Myrtle is second counselor if the Relief Society and, of course, heads the ??????????? beautiful new home and cares for two young daughters and acts the part of a mother away from home to four young men (B.Y.U. students)

Elmer, Myrtle’s husband is a descendent of the Rowley family on his mother’s side, her name was Julia Rowley, they aren’t of John Rowley and Sarah Wright line, but John’s father’s nrother’s family.

Alfred Senior Bennett, better known as “Smile” only son of David A. Bennett and Eliza Rowley has always been active in the Boy Scouts. He at present is Assistant Scout Master. Mary, his wife and daughter Colleen are active in the Sunday School and M.I.A..

Smiler and Mary and two younger children Gary and Ruth Ann and Elmer and Myrtle Carlton and their two young daughters Leanna and Sylvia went a trip to San Francisco, California the first part of August last summer.

Alfred and Mary’s son Alfred Senior Bennett Jr. and his wife Glennita became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl Nov 19, 1957. This is their third child, they have two wonderful little boys, Mike and Scott. The baby was blessed Jan. 2, 1958. Her grandfather, Alfred S. Bennett Sr. assisted by Andrew Terry Sr., Eleanor’s husband, blessed the child and bestowed the name, Shana Winnett on her.

P.F.C. Le Roy Alan Davis, son of Le Roy Sr. and Jennie Bennett Davis is stationed in Korea. He joined the U.S.A.S.A. a year ago, Jan 4, 1957. He turned 17, Dec. 17, 1956. He received P.F.C. rating and diploma in Aug. 1957 at Fort Devens, Mass. “Alan” was home on leave for two weeks in Sept. before he went to the Far East.

We have a married daughter, Jeanne Davis Durrant, wife of Paul E. Durrant and a handsome little grandson, Walter Roy aged 2 1/2 . Jeanne is a college student at the B.Y.U. and has been on the honor roll. She is majoring in Education and will graduate this spring. She plans on teaching the fourth grade.

We have a 14 year old son at home. Shirl Bennett Davis. He and my husband, LeRoy drove “Alan” to Oakland, California September 1957. Roy and took a trip to California last August.

Alan’s work is in communications, his address is:

P.F.C. LeRoy A. Davis
R.A. 19570553
226 Signal Co.
A.P.O. 8
San Francisco, CA


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