John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Clara O’Toole
of Oakland 2, California and
Ralph A. Rowley of Tacoma, Washington

The husband of this reporter, John O’Toole has been ill, and was in the hospital for a short time. He is feeling better now.

This reporter would like to express my appreciation to the Board for asking me to act as “Historian” for this ??????? of  the ????

Frank D. and Vena Rowley of Kanai, Alaska are the proud grandparents of a baby boy born Oct. 21, 1957 to their daughter, Bille Anne and her husband Verne A. Amundson of Seattle, Washington. The baby was name Verne. Frank is a son of Moroni and this is their first grandchild.

Invitations were received by members of the family to attend the wedding of Richard A. Rowley and Dorothy M. Atkins, on December 16 at Tacoma, Washington. Richard is Ralph’s only son and Moroni’s grandson.

Mark T. and Leona Rowley of Newport, Oregon took an extended vacation by car to Missouri last September where Leona attended a reunion of her family. They report a wonderful trip. They visited Sister Winifred and her husband Will Clevenger of McPherson, Kansas. They stopped in Denver and many other towns in Colorado including our old home town of Grand Valley where most of us were born.

Mark and Leona Rowley spent Christmas with his sister Alice and her husband in Forks, Washington. They also visited his brother Leslie and family and his sister Mildred and her husband in Seattle and Redmond and his brother Ralph in Tacoma before returning to New Port, Oregon.


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