John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Vivian Wade
Fillmore, Utah

George Rowley, 82, died at his home in Fillmore Tuesday, January 28, 1958 about 4:30 in the afternoon, of a heart ailment. Mr. Rowley had visited with friends down town during the afternoon, arriving home only a few minutes before he was stricken. He had not mentioned feeling ill to any one including his wife, Emma who was with him when he died. She had read a letter he brought home with him and walked in the room where George was sitting to discuss contents of the letter, but he had passed away.

Born December 31, 1875 in Fillmore, he was a son of James and Mary Day Rowley. He lived most of his life in Fillmore. He married Emily (Emma) Chesley Jan. 1 1900. They celebrated their golden wedding eight years ago this past New Year’s Day.

George was a pioneer in the Pahvant District, where he developed one of the finest farms in the area. His son, Jim has been carrying on the operation he began when water was first brought to that valley. Both have been prominent stockman. George also served a term as County Sheriff.

Surviving are his widow, five daughters and two sons: Mrs. Al (Reyna) Cline, Mrs. Douglas (Edith) Murphy, Cedar City; Mrs. Henry (DeLell) Brunson, James Rowley of Fillmore; William Rowley, Ogden; Mrs.  Phill (Fenn) Poulson, Mrs. Robert (Carol) Swallow , Salt Lake City; two sisters, Mrs. Emily Wade and Mrs. Urina Nielson, Fillmore; one brother, Lorenzo Rowley or Arizona; fourteen grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.

Funeral services will be conducted Friday at 1 p.m. in the Millard Stake and Third Ward Chapel, under the direction of A. LaVoy Kimball, Bishop of the First Ward.

Don W. Green, son of Lyle D. Green and Betty Wade Green, born December 11, 1957, Ogden, Utah. Betty is a daughter of Vivian Wade Dora Tremble. Vivian is a son of Samuel F. Wade and Emily Rowley Wade. Emily is a daughter of James Rowley and Mary Day.

JoeAnn Wade, born Oct. 1, 1958, Fillmore, Utah. Daughter of Samuel F. Wade and Elma Teeples Wade. Samuel, son of Samuel F. and Emily Rowley.

David S. Wade, born Jan. 13, 1958, son of Clarence James Wade and Madeline Staley Wade. Clarence a son of Samuel F. Wade and Emily Rowley.

The Editors of this publication would like to extend a fine and hearty thank you to those of you who have done so fine in reporting the proceeding news. It is certainly gratifying to feel that we have most of our reporters behind us all the way. We desire to give to you a good paper and we do need and appreciate your wonderful co-operation thus far. We hope all the family members will help them to continue with this grand job of reporting by sending them your news. We are sorry to say that we received nothing from the following branches of the family:

Ira D. Lyman and Elizabeth Ann Rowley
Reporter, Chester Lyman
Duchesne, Utah

George Arthur Rowley and Stena Hanson
Reporter, Hughetta Rowley Howarth
of Salt Lake City

Maria Rowley, and Hallam Smith
Reporter, Estell Shail of Rexburg, Idaho

James Rowley and Hannah Barrows
Reporter Nelson Melville of
5832 Hardwick
Lakewood 11, California

James Rowley and Mary Day
Reporters, Bernetta Muir
of Fillmore, Utah

Mrs. Jack Brunson
of Fillmore, Utah

Myrtle Jennings
Ogden, Utah

We do wish that the members of the above mentioned families would send news items to their family reporters so we can know of what is happening around your neck of the woods.

The following is a list of all the reporters and the families they represent. With this information we feel that we are helping you to help us in this effort. We all like to hear from our families and loved ones.


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