John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

The story is told of ??????????? a new boomerang, but went crazy trying to throw the old one away.


We have been able to find and contact the children of Zuriah Rowley, (daughter of James Rowley and Mary Shirlock) and Lorenzo Snow Lyman. We are so happy to have found them and to be able to count them as some of us that are printing the letters received from them here that we might all know of them in this manner. Letters were received by Luella Jones Downard our Historian in answer to her inquiries for help with the James Rowley history. Because of lack of space we will print just one letter in this issue. The other two letters will appear in following issues. The third letter, being the one that contains the most information, will be printed now.

Dear Cousin Luella,

You will be surprised to hear from another descendant of Zuriah (Zuie, to her family) Rowley, other than the one to whom you wrote, my sister, Nora L. Stone of Palcines, California. But she is not very well and very busy caring for her husband who has been bedfast for several years, so she sent your letter to me, asking me to answer it.

We never knew any of our mother’s people and were too young when she passed away to be interested in family histories. My oldest sister was 13 years old, I the third child, of six children, was 10, and the youngest was just six weeks old. I can remember my mother receiving letters from her mother and brother and sisters in England, and after her death in 1889 (February) we children occasionally wrote to Grandmother Bailey, but really never knew her, or much about them. My father told us she came to Utah with her father, James Rowley and they were married in Fillmore, Utah, November 21st 1874. My oldest sister, Mary Eliza, was born in Fillmore, 1875, then they moved to California. My brother Cornelius was born in Carpentaria, California in April 1877, I Rosa, in Santa Barbara, December 1878, and Nora in Carpentariain August, 1880. Another move to Parowan, Utah for about three years, during which time Ira Dee was born, November 1882. In 1884 or 85, we came back to California, to San Bernardino (where my father was born) and in 1888 the ????? mother. Anasa Henry was born December 31, 1888 and mother died in February 1889, when Anasa was just six 60 weeks old. This move was to Alessandro, now Sunnymead, California, where I still live, along since my husband died in 1927. I have one son, Walter Lyman More, who now lives in Evanston, Illinois with offices in Chicago as Assistant Vice President of the Sante Fe System.

I am sorry I cannot give you more details of my mother’s life before she came to the United States. All I know is that her father was James Rowley and her mother was Mary Shirlock, that she worked in a factory-a potter, as I remember it—before coming here (either with or to be with her father when she was about eighteen or nineteen years old, and that we wrote to our Grandmother Bailey, Uncles, Charles, (who was a tailor), George, Alfred (a soldier) and Aunts, Hannah, and Elizabeth whose married name was Bennett.

No doubt you have the date of my father’s death, but I will list it anyway.

Lorenzo Snow Lyman,            Died: December 22, 1927
Zuriah Rowley Lyman,           Died: February 14, 1889
Mary Lyman Anderson,          Died: January 21, 1952
Cornelius Lyman                     Died: April 12, 1937

I will write out a partial list of our families and as far as I know of their families, I myself, am a great grandmother three times.

Hoping this will partly answer your questions,

Sincerely, your cousin
Rosa L. More

P.S. I do not know how my family traveled back and forth except for the last two moves. We came from Parowan in covered wagons, 28 days in the road!!! I remember it very well…R.L.M.


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