John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Microfilm – F Scot. 17 Pt. 4 Glasgow. Branch Records of Macbers Glasgow. Lanarkshire, Scot. At the Utah Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah. Copies by Lillian A. Rowley, 10 Dec. 1957. The following records page


Bap. 20 Dec. 1840 by Elder Hadlock  L??? for Edinburg Branch Midlothian, Scotland.

In the same film I found and copied the following: F Scot. 17 Pt. 4


Bap. Sun. 20 Dec. 1840 by Elder R. Hadlock Luft for Edinburg 14 Mar. 1847


Bap. 22 Aug 1841 by Elder G. Elwood


Baptized 7 Jan. ?????? by Alex Wright

Copied 6th Jan. 1958 from F. Scot. 17 Pt. 3 Branch Records L.D.S. Church Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


Ord. Deacon – 21 March 1847 Remold Branch by Elder W. Gibson

Ord. Priest – 23 December 1848 (?) Edinburgh Branch, Elder W. Gibson


Ord. Deacon – 21 March 184 (?) Branch Edinburgh Conference by W. Gibson.

Ord. Teacher – 27 July 1847 Edinburgh Branch by W. Gibson

Ord. Priest – 23 Dec. 1848 (?) Edinburgh Branch by Elder Kelsey

Ord. Elder – 20 June 1847 (?) Edinburgh Branch by Elder W. Gibson

I asked about the dates of the Ordination of Priest and Elder of Ralph Rowley and Ephraim Thomkinson at Bro. Chase’ Office in the Gen. Soc. And they said “we will have to leave them as they are with a ? mark behind them unless we can find another record.” The mistake must have been made by the Branch Clerk. They are microfilmed and cannot be changed.

Page 5

7 –            Ralph Nephi Rowley (Mar.)

                Bap. 1839 Teavelling (couldn’t read the rest)

8 –            Ephraim Thomkinson (Mar.)

Bap. 22 Aug. 1843 Glasgow Branch, removed to Edinburgh Midlothian Scot. Branch Church of Jesus Christ of L.D.S.

Page 7

347 –        Ralph Rowley (Mar.)

Bap. 1839 Glasgow Branch, L.D.S. Church, Glasgow Lanarkshire, Scotland

Page 8

John Wright (S) born 24 June 1841 Edinburgh Branch by H.P. Geo. D. Watt. Confirmed by H.P. Orson Pratt. Died in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scot. 14 Nov. 1847.

  1. Scot. 17 Pt. 2 Clachmanan Branch in Edinburgh Conference Records.

Elder Ephraim Thomlinson (Mar.) b, 15 April 1835 Burshlem Staffordshire Eng.

Bap. 22 Aug. 1843 Glasgow Branch by Elder Munro.

We are happy to announce since the beginning of this publication we have appointed a new secretary.

Mrs. Mary L. Bradley
540 West 2nd North
Salt Lake City, Utah


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