John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


The research department regrets very much that more progress has not been made, toward the James Rowley family tree. We hoped to have it ready for the reunion, but very few of our requests for information have been answered. Without your family group sheets we cannot complete our trees, so resolve now you who have not already done so, to send this information in to us, and just as quickly as you can, so that this project can be completed.

We are very happy to receive the family group sheets of Zuriah Rowley and her six children. She is the daughter of James Rolwey and his first wife Mary Sherlock, who was born in England and came to America with her father and married Lorenzo Snow Lyman.

We wish to thank Brother Chester Lyman for his close cooperation in this work. We appreciate very much the clipping on the death of his brother, Claude E. Lyman, published in this paper in the family news section.

We wish to draw the attention of the Group representatives to the fact that we are receiving very few family group sheets. Will you please contact those within your group and get these sheets in to us as soon as possible. We want every family to be in our files, so our files will be as complete as possible.

Thank you,
Angie Warner


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