John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

The first meeting of the Board of Trustees of the John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Society was held at the home of William R. Jones on the afternoon of 21 April 1958. The board was comprised of the following members at the time: from the Ralph Nephi family: George Albert Rowley, Alfred Bennett, acting for Eliza Mae Bennett, Mary Ann Rowley Jones, Clara Maude Rowley O’Toole, Winnifred Rowley Clevenger, George Galloway and Lorenzo Day Rowley; from the James Rowley family: Clarence Wade, acting for Emily Wade, Myrtle Dearden Jennings, John Van Rowley and Vivian Wade. Eight members of this group were either present or represented by an individual they had delegated to represent them.

The business before the board was the choosing of a chairman and nomination of candidates for President and Vice Presidents. John Van Rowley was elected chairman and candidates for the two offices were nominated. Arrangements were made for printing ballots and for getting them mailed. After the meeting, lunch was served by Mrs. Aaron Jones, Mrs. Lillian Rowley and Mrs. William R. Jones.

There are still vacancies on the Board of Trustees. Persons have been contacted over a six month period to fill these vacancies, but there are still four vacancies in the board to be filled by a descendant of James Rowley, one to be filled by a descendant of Ralph Nephi Rowley, and as yet no trustees have been accepted from the Maria Rowley line. Provision is made in the Constitution for the method to be used in asking these persons to serve. We would urge the members of respective families to assist the Board Chairman and the Executive Committee in filling these positions of trust.


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