John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


The family organization has obtained a ditto machine for $102.07. Donations from the members of the organization are used to pay for this. So far $68.50 has been paid. Donations have been received from:

Luke Day                                                  $30.00
Wm. R. Jones                                          $12.50
Walter Rowley                                          $5.00
John Van Rowley                                     $1.00
Verda Murphy                                        $25.00
Vivian Wade                                           $15.00

                                 Leaving a balance of $33.57

Family Group sheets that have come in from members of the Organization are: Lucy Melvina Golding, wife of John Thompson Rowley, Jr. Her son Lorin Paul Rowley and his wife, Daisy Hill Crockett, and their children – Lorin William Rowley, Sr. and his wife Maude Irene Potter and their family. Marilyn Lucy Rowley and her husband Raymond Frank Jaeger. Also from Smoot Rowley and his wife Blanche Hunter, and their family, and from the Ralph Nephi Rowley family of Duchesne. The family of Royal James Rowley of Shelley Idaho and the Hugh Galloway family of Kalispell, Montana.

If more family group sheets are to be sent in to Mary L. Bradley, 540 West 2nd North, Salt Lake City, along with $2.00 to the organization, we will have those sheets dittoed off and sold for 15¢ a copy to anyone searching for information and trying to complete their genealogy books. So send in your sheets so you can belong in everyone’s family books on the John Rowley and Sarah Wright family. The money made from the sale of these sheets will be used for the family organization expenses.


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