John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


A vacation trip to California and New Mexico for Ralph N. Rowley and wife Beth, of Duchesne, Utah. They left Duchesne the 26th of February for Baldwin Park, California where they visited their son Ralph  Richard and family a few days. Then to Gallup and Church Rock, New Mexico to visit their son Keith, who is filling a church mission in the South West Indian Mission. From there they came back to Duchesne.

A conference visitor was Leon Rowley, a former bishop of the St. Ignitius Ward, who, with others, arrived in Salt Lake City, Friday, April 4 to attend General Conference. They left for the return trip Sunday afternoon April 6.

Leon was Branch President for some six years, then when the Missoula Stake was formed he was ordained bishop of the St. Ignitius Ward, and served for a year. He was released from the office of bishop and was put in the Stake High Council. Leon is the son of John Emerson who is the son of John Thompson, Jr.

Due to illness, Lucy M. Rowley Wilcox of St. Helena, California was unable to come to conference this time. It’s the first time she has missed coming for some time. Lucy is the daughter of John Thompson, Jr. All our best wishes to her for a speedy recovery that she will be able to come this fall. Hope you are feeling better.

John T. and Jane Paul Rowley

Eleanor Terry, reporting

Mrs. Elmer Carlton (Myrtle Bennett) spend 3 days in the Utah Valley Hospital the 1st week in May. Marion and Aaron Dicky daughter of Elmer and Myrtle Carlton have a baby girl born March. This is their second child. The first one James Calvin was born in Alaska two years ago.

Jeanne Davis Durrant daughter of Jennie and LeRoy Davis will graduate from the B.Y.U. in June, in education. Jeanne should be congratulated especially because she has a small son, Walter LaKay, who will be three years old Sept. Good going Jeanne.

Moroni, Mary Maxfield Rowley

Clara O’Toole reports that her husband, John O’Toole has been sick and in the hospital. We do hope that he is well now and able to enjoy life.

Walter Thompson and Lena Peterson Rowley

Beulah Rowley, reporting

Keith Rowley and wife, Judy, had a baby girl born December 7; their first child. Keith is son of Leland and Vera Rowley, who is the son of Walter Thompson Rowley.

John T. and Jane Paul Rowley

Walter I. Rowley, reporting

Walter, Jr. got his Duty to God award last winter. He is the only one ever in the Redwood District of Northern California to get one.


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