John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


(In place of our Editorial we are publishing the Reunion Report)

Our Reunion, as announced was held at Fillmore, Utah, on June 23, 1958. There were three family trees exhibited. One for the James Rowley families drawn by Claude and Angie Warner and one of the Ralph Nephi Rowley families drawn by Iris Lyman Lambertsen, and the tree that was drawn for our first family reunion in 1956 by Paul Cline. They tell quite a story of what has been done in the past two years in research of our collateral lives. Many branches are compete  and up to date, which is really an inspiration to many of us, of what can be done. We had nearly one hundred persons present throughout the day.

The day was started off with meetings. At noon we all enjoyed a fine Pot Luck dinner, after which there was a short program. The Wade girls of Fillmore gave a musical number, that was very fine, and Mrs. Lambertsen gave a short reading that was very good. We then heard reports from the committee heads, they are as follow.


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