John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


36 Gregory St.
Longton, Staffs.,


My Dear, Dear Niece and Nephew,

Rosa and Will More, I am delighted to have a few lines from you both and to hear that you are well. I see the baby boy looks according to his picture, he is a splendid looking little follow. You can tell Will that I have been to the native land of his father and mother, Airy Scotland. I went from Longton to Liverpool by rail, to the Isle of Man from Liverpool by boat, and from the Isle of Man to Glasgow by boat which is 13 hours sail and a splendid voyage/ it was, and is a splendid country to live in, but what a lovely site to see men building ships down River Clyde. No, Uncle Alfred did not care much for a soldiers’ life, it did not suit him. I am glad to hear that Cornelius did not go to the Philippines or he would probably wish he were home again. I have a friend in a Scotch Regiment, the Leaforth Highlanders, he is with Lord Roberts at Bloeinfontion, he has been in four engagements viz; Nodder River, Magersfontion, Feedesber Deift, & Pasedeberg, where they captured Crouje, the Boer Leader and and 4,000 men and he says he wishes he were safe back in England as he is tired of the war. He was in the Chitial campaign in India in 1892, and the London war of 1898, and not the Boer War, he was present at the Island of Crete when the Turks were massacring the Christians, so he has seen a little active service.

No there are no more great-grandchildren. Theages of your cousins are; Aunt Elizabeth and Will Bennett children: George, age 20, William, age 17, Samuel, age 15 years, their mother and father are dead, children, all single.

Aunt Hannah and William Johnson’s children: William age 16 years, and Alfred, age 9 years.

Uncle George and Elisa Bailey, Children: Glourie, age 6 and George age 1 year.

Uncle Alfred and Minnie Bailey have one child about 12 months.

Uncle Charles and Annie Bailey, children, none.

We had a slight shock of earthquake here about three years ago, only slight shock. I suppose you have no time to ride now you have a child, as he requires a deal of looking after. Uncle George used to ride a wheel.

No more this time so will now conclude by wishing you both a happy and prosperous wedded life and may you both live long and die happy and may you both live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.

The above letter was written by Charles Bailey, half brother to Zuriah Rowley, daughter of James Rowley and Mary Shirlock.


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