John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


As we approach the festivities of the coming holiday season, and in view of Thanksgiving we would like to submit the following poem:

by Margery S. Stewart

For all the fields from east to west
That poured their goldness into bread.
For all the rivers and the brooks,
That sent their beauty down to me,
For men and women whose quite hands
Wove warmth and cover against storms
For doctors I will never see,
Who mighty strained their hearts and minds
Uncovering secrets that will be
Armor against tomorrow’s ills,
For all these, Lord, my thanks to thee.

For men in mines and men in planes,
For men who govern this free land,
for nurses rustling in the dark
To where an ailing baby cries,
For those whose songs fulfilled a need,
For teachers holding high their lamps
Who do not shrink no compromise.
I give my brimming gratitude,
My love for each high enterprise.
for blessings seen, Lord, I thank thee,
And for those hidden from my eyes.


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