John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


It is our desire to be able to file in the “JOHN ROWLEY AND SARAH WRIGHT SOCIETY HISTORY” book as complete a history as can be written of each and every descendant of John Rowley and Sarah Wright. These histories will also be printed in the Family Paper.

To hasten this endeavor we are going to start running an installment of two separate histories in each issue of the Paper. The first to be of an early Ancestor such as Ralph Nephi Rowley and his brother, James Rowley, whose histories have each been partially given. The second to be of someone closer to us – our parents, etc.

We would like to print a history of the living children of Ralph Nephi Rowley and James Rowley while they are still living to enjoy seeing their story written and to help with the writing of it.

These children are: Lorenzo Day Rowley, son of Ralph Nephi Rowley and Mary Day; Emiley Rowley Wade and Uriah Rowley Neilson, daughters of James Rowley and Mary Day.

We also have grandchildren of those men who are of about the same age as these living children; we would like their histories printed while they are still living, too. These grandchildren are: Eliza May Rowley Bennett, Royal James Rowley, Mary Ann Rowley Jones and George Albert Rowley.

There is an urgent need for these histories to be written as soon as possible. We will depend on the children of these wonderful people to write their history or to help them write it. The history will be printed just as written unless more help from the historian will be needed. Full credit will be given to all who help with each history.

We are beginning with a history of Hugh Thompson Rowley because we have a history of him ready for printing.

Our first history, however, will be that of James Rowley and Hannah Barrows. Following this history will be that of Hugh Thompson Rowley, who was the son of John T. Rowley and Jane Paul, and a grandson of Ralph Nephi Rowley.


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