John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reporter, Verda R. Murphy,
Chinook, Montana

A baby boy was born to Violet Rowley and Hugh Byrd in June of 1958. He was named Danny. Violet is the daughter of Emerson A. Rowley, a grandson of John T. Rowley and Jane Paul.

Bert L. Murphy, husband of this reporter, was in Salt Lake City recently attending a Sugar Beet Convention. While in the state he journeyed down to Provo, to visit with his sister, Lois Webb and his newly married son, Sheldon and wife, Lywinn.

Ralph A. Rowley, son of David Wm. Rowley, has received orders to report to Lockland, Texas between the 11th and 13th of December as a 2nd Lieutenant in the USA AIR FORCE. He and his wife, Aleene, are presently in Cheney, Washington visiting her folks. They will be in Bountiful the first week or so in December.

At present Francis Rowley Grandson of John T. and Jane Paul Rowley through Hugh T. Rowley, is working for the Fish and Game checking station in Kalispell, Montana.

His sons are located as follows:

Noland and his wife are in Chinook, Montana and working for Bert L. Murphy.

Lawrence and his wife are in Havre, Montana where Lawrence is attending college.

Miland and his wife are in Reno, Nevada. He is working in a Government Land Office. He enjoys it very much.


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