History: Lillian Alcorn

Dave made arrangements to have Dr. Hoone of Chinook to take care of me and the baby. I went to see the doctor several times during the period of pregnancy. He was there when the baby was born on 20 September 1928. It was a beautiful baby girl, healthy and perfectly formed. We were surely thankful to our Heavenly Father for such a blessing and three weeks later Dave blessed her and gave her the name of Grace Harriet Rowley in honor of both her Grandmothers. Grace after Dave’s mother and Harriet  after my mother. She was such a beautiful child and we were proud and were always glad to show her off. I sewed most all of her clothes and she was always very daintily dressed. I think her grandparents were almost as proud of her as we were so she was pretty well taken care of and when I had her out in company someone had her most of the time.

The farm work was hard and oft times required long hours away from home for Dave. I had to spend much of my time alone with the baby and Dave’s parents. My own folks lived only across the road and I saw them quite often, but it still meant many lonely hours alone with little Grace. I certainly looked forward to evening when Dave would come in from the fields to be with us. I kept busy, though, and that helped to pass the time more quickly. The baby took a lot of care and her bath time was always a fun part of the day for both of us.

During the next year the time passed more speedily, but in another eleven months and seven days we were blessed again. This time Dave made arrangements with Doctor McConnell at Harlem to take care of us. But when Dad Rowley went after him, he couldn’t find him anyplace in town so Dave sent for Sister Southwick and she and Dave took care of me and the baby. We learned later that the doctor was found playing cards in the basement of the New England Hotel.

The baby was born 27 August 1929 in Harlem and was a very lovely little boy. He was blessed and given the name of David Alcorn Rowley after Dave and using my maiden name. This was wonderful, now we had a beautiful little girl and a wonderful little boy. We were very happy and enjoyed our little family very much. We lived in a small two-room frame home with a small storage cellar underneath. We had a nice large garden spot surrounding the house where we raised much of our livelihood, vegetables and some fruit.

The Branch Chapel was about 200 feet from our door, so it wasn’t too difficult to get the family to and from the Church meetings.

In the spring of 1930 Dave rented the Victor Bottomly place. It was straight north on the highway. It wasn’t a very good place, but we were getting to ourselves. It was a wonderful venture for us as we had always lived with or very near some of the folks, either Dave’s folks or mine. It was wonderful to be to ourselves.

We had a few cows, chickens, pigs and horses and some machinery so we felt we had a pretty good start and we really worked hard. The children were such an inspiration to us and because of them we wanted very much to make good. Dave again worked long days in the field much of the time it was before daylight when he left the house and after dark when he would come home.

It was while living here on the Bottomly place that I lost a baby because of miscarriage, which made us both very unhappy. I was confined to bed for a while but before long I was blessed to be up and around again. I needed to be up, with two small children to care for.

Shortly after this we with another family, the Hammers, from our Branch decided to take a vacation and go to Cardston, Alberta, Canada to the temple and have our marriage sealed for time and all eternity. It had long been our desire to alter our wedding vows from “until death we do part” to “for time and all eternity.”

And that the two lovely gifts our Heavenly Father should be ours forever. So on 24 September 1930 we were sealed and Grace and David were sealed to us. Now all the children we would have would be born under the covenant. This great opportunity and blessing was one of the greatest sources of joy and security, knowing that from now on through all eternity we would never be parted, really parted as long as we lived the way we should. We would remain as a family group, tied under the bonds of the eternal covenant of marriage as it was instituted in the beginning.

We both received our Patriarchal blessings by Patriarch John F. Anderson while we were there. He blessed me that I should grow in faith, wisdom and the knowledge of the Gospel and that I would receive the spiritual food that would nourish and strengthen my soul. My calling was to be an honorable wife and mother in Israel and to honor the priesthood and become a wise counselor among my sex and that my testimony would grow and prove of great value unto mankind. I was also told that my lineage is of the tribe of Joseph through Ephraim. I was told that through my diligence I should grow to be much use in my redemption of the living and the dead and through the exercise of faith I would be able to conquer the powers that were seeking my destruction and blessings of strength would be mine if I endured to the end. I would become familiar with the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. I must be quick to discern good from evil and be able to enjoy the promptings of the Spirit and I would be gifted with dreams and presentments. These and many other blessings he bestowed upon me in my patriarchal blessing for which I’ll always be thankful. Sometime after we came back from the Temple, during one night I had a dream that I was going up a flight of stairs and when I reached the top of these stairs I fell. I could see my body lying on the floor and I seemed to linger there for a while. I saw people gather around my body and they seemed to be trying to help me.[1]

We lived on the Bottomly place about a mile and a half from the church and about three miles west of Harlem, on the Highway.  Part of our beets were frozen in that fall and we didn’t do so well financially. We also lost all of our horses because they got into the garbage and ate some poisoned cats. But we had a lot of good experiences and really enjoyed that year alone. The following spring we rented the Emma Merrill place, a quarter of a mile east and a mile south. The Merrill place was about half a section and the buildings were on the banks of an old dead river. The men and boys would swim in the evenings after the day’s work was done. We enjoyed our family life very much.

[1] This was later fulfilled thirty years later at the time of her death

To be continued…

Aleene Sumsion – Daughter-in-Law: Son Ralph’s (34) wife
Archie Harold Alcorn 97) – Brother
Bert Lund Murphy – Brother-in-Law: Sister-in-Law Verda’s (88) husband
Cheryl Jeanette Smith (12) – Granddaughter: Daughter Grace’s (10) daughter
Clark Alcorn (91) – Father
Clayton Alcorn Rowley (35) – Son
Coral Lorraine Bolton (28) – Son-in-Law’s Mother: Donald’s (9) mother
David Alcorn Rowley (32) – Son
David Lenn Judkins – Grandson: Daughter Marjorie’s (36) son
David William Rowley (30) – Husband
Deon Eugene Judkins – Grandson: Daughter Marjorie’s (36) son
Dollie Cook – Wife of Maternal Uncle: James Jr’s (228) wife
Donald Eugene Smith (9) – Son-in-Law: Daughter Grace’s (10) husband
Donald Eugene Smith Jr (11) – Grandson: Daughter Grace’s (10) son
Donna Diane Smith (13) – Granddaughter: Daughter Grace’s (10) daughter
Douglas Alcorn Rowley (33) – Son
Dwain Eugene Judkins –  Son-in-Law: Daughter Marjorie’s (36) husband
Dwana Kay Judkins – Granddaughter: Daughter Marjorie’s (36) daughter
Emerson Adis Rowley (89) – Brother-in-Law: Husband David’s (30) brother
Erma Thornton – Sister-in-Law: Brother-in-Law Emerson’s (89) wife
Fannie Marie Weaver (Aunt Fannie) (229) – Maternal Aunt: Mother Harriet’s (92) sister
Grace Davis (86) – Mother-in-Law
Grace Harriet Rowley (10) – Daughter
Grant Alcorn Rowley (39) – Son
Hannah Davis (210) – Husband’s Maternal Aunt: Mother-in-Law Grace’s (86) sister
Harriet Ann Weaver (92) – Mother
Hugh Alcorn Rowley (37) – Son
Hugh Francis Rowley (87) – Brother-in-Law: Husband David’s (30) brother
Hugh Thompson Rowley (85) – Father-in-Law
James Albert Weaver Jr (228) – Maternal Uncle: Mother Harriet’s (92) brother
James Sheldon Nelson Sr – Wife of Maternal Aunt: Fannie’s (229) husband
Jesse Verl Alcorn (99) – Brother
Joe Ben Smith (27) – Son-in-Law’s: Donald’s (9) father
John Joseph Everhard – Son-in-Law’s: Donald’s (9) stepfather
Joseph Lorenzo Alcorn (96) – Brother
Karen Andrea Goe – Niece: Maternal Aunt Melva’s (98) daughter
Kurtis Wayne Rowley – Grandson: Son Ralph’s (34) son
Leonard Clark Alcorn (93) – Brother
Lillian Alcorn (31) – Self
Lillian Lorraine Smith (3) – Granddaughter: Daughter Grace’s (10) daughter
Margaret Jeanette Alcorn (224) – Paternal Aunt: Father Clark ‘s (91) sister
Marjorie Ann Rowley (36) – Daughter
Marjorie Elizabeth Snyder – Son-in-Law’s Stepmother: Donald’s (9) stepmother
Marvin Ballard Alcorn (95) – Brother
Mary Catherine Hammons (218) – Paternal Grandmother: Father Clark’s (91) mother
Mary Francis Alcorn – Cousin: Brother Archie’s (97) daughter
Mary Gregory Askins – Sister-in-Law: Brother Archie’s (97) wife
Melva Alcorn (98) – Sister
Myron Nelson – Cousin: Maternal Aunt Fannie’s (229) son
Pamela Rowley – Granddaughter: Son Douglas’ (33) daughter
Ralph Alcorn Rowley (34) – Son
Robert L. Goe – Brother-in-Law: Sister Melva’s (98) 1st husband
Ronald Steven Smith (14) – Grandson: Daughter Grace’s (10) son
Rosina Weaver (Aunt Rose) (469) – Mother Harriet’s (92) maternal aunt
Royal James Rowley (205) – Husband’s Paternal Uncle: Father-in-Law Hugh’s (85) brother
Scott Calvin Rowley – Grandson: Son Douglas’ (33) son
Sharon Lee Rowley (38) – Daughter
Verda May Rowley (88) – Sister-in-Law: Husband David’s (30) sister
Vonna Ensign – Daughter-in-Law: Son Douglas’ (33) wife
Walter Illith Rowley (90) – Brother-in-Law: Husband David’s (30) brother
William Douglas Rowley – Grandson: Son Douglas’ (33) son
William Vernon Alcorn (94) – Brother
William Weaver (457) – Maternal Great-Grandfather: Mother Harriet’s (92) father


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