Journal: Grace Harriet Rowley

Grace’s History written by her:

I was born on September 20th, 1928 in Harlem, Blaine County, Montana. My parents are David William and Lillian Alcorn Rowley. I am the oldest of nine children.

Some of my early memories are that we lived in the same house as Grandpa Hugh Thompson Rowley and Grandma Grace Davis Rowley. Uncle Francis (Hugh Francis Rowley) and Aunt Erma (Erma Thornton), his wife also lived with us, it was a two-room home, and one room was the bedroom and the other the kitchen and dining area. It was a crowded but a happy home.

When we got our own home Daddy put a basement foundation in and then the house was put on top. It had two bedrooms upstairs, Margie (Marjorie Ann Rowley) and I shared one and Mom and Dad had the other one it was divided by a thin curtain instead of a door. I remember Daddy staying up at night reading, Daddy always loved to read. The boys slept downstairs. I was about years old when we moved into this house.

One time when it was about Halloween I remember that the boys were playing out in the wheat field. Daddy didn’t like the boys trampling the wheat so he went out and started to make scary noises and it scared the boys so bad that they ran into the house. Doug (Douglas Alcorn Rowley) lost one of his shoes. We knew later that it was Daddy because when he told the story he was crying and Daddy could never tell a funny story without crying.

When I was about thirteen, Daddy found a rattlesnake by the barn door. He picked it up by its tail and broke its neck. Snakes usually travel in pairs and a few days later he found its companion.

Grace Davis Rowley, my Grandmother had long black shiny hair which she wore in braids. When I was young I thought she was an Indian. Whenever David (David Alcorn Rowley) and I did something wrong we would go out and get a willow and take it to Grandma. She would laugh so hard that she wouldn’t spank us.

Grandpa Hugh Thompson Rowley was a very gentle man and he was very good with kids. One time when Grandpa was in Butte, Montana he heard a young lady calling for help. A man was attacking her. When Grandpa went to help her, the man hit him right below his eye, which was always red. Later they did surgery on his eye because he had cancer in that spot.

In 1945, I met Great Grandpa David Peter Davis. I only remember that he was really old. He had white hair and a long beard.

Grandpa Clark Alcorn, was a produce trucker. Sometimes he would bring us fruit so that we canned for the winter.

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