Journal: Grace Harriet Rowley

When Donna (Donna Diane Smith) was still little we moved to Virginia to live before Don (Donald Eugene Smith) was transferred to Trieste, Italy. We lived there for about two years. I don’t remember a lot about Italy, but it was beautiful. We had only been there for a short time when there was a jazz band playing in the street. I didn’t know what was going on so I went out and got the girls. I later found out that it was a funeral procession and that was the traditional way they did funerals in Italy. One time while living in Trieste, Don called Donna to come in when Cheryl (Cheryl Jeanette Sperry) came in instead. Don asked her why she had come when he had called her sister Donna to come in. Cheryl said she wasn’t sure if she was Cheryl or Donna, and she wanted to mind.

After we left Italy, we were transferred to Frankfurt, Germany. While in Germany I was about 6 months pregnant with Ron (Ronald Steven Smith). We lived on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the apartment building. Cheryl was about 5; she came running up the stairs screaming. Don and I went to see what in the world was wrong. Cheryl was upset because there were some ants climbing on her. Don got mad and spanked her for scaring me to death. I don’t remember ever running like that. We had an interesting event happen while we were living in Germany. I inadvertently got the missionaries drunk. It was Christmas Eve. We had invited the LDS service men and the missionaries over for Christmas Eve dinner (I bet Mom made her famous spaghetti. She was known to make a whole roaster pan full for family and friends). As a Christmas gift, we had been given a lovely box of German chocolates for Christmas. We had them out to share with our guests. At the time we did not read or speak much German and didn’t know that the main ingredient in the chocolates was either cognac or rum. Needless to say, I was really embarrassed.

We moved back to Eureka, California with my parents about a week before our second son Ronald Steven Smith was born. The doctor told me that if the baby were a girl, he would trade me for a boy. They had four or five sons and wanted a daughter. We didn’t have to worry because Ron was all boy and the doctor was joking anyway.

Ron was always a strong boy. One time when Ron was about five he stepped on a nail. They had to have his Dad (who was 6’3″) and two other men hold him down to give him a tetanus shot.

We were transferred to New Port News, Virginia when Ron was young. Our 5th child was born there, Lillian Lorraine Smith. When I was about four months along I received a letter from my Mother (Lillian Alcorn). She said it would be very nice to have a granddaughter named after her. So Don decided then that if we had a girl her name would be Lillian Lorraine, after both of her grandmothers, my mother, Lillian Alcorn Rowley and Don’s mother, Lorraine Bolton Smith Everhard (Coral Lorraine Bolton), and since I wanted to name her Laurie Ann anyway, we called her Lori.


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