John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

??????????? this ???? for the Hannah Barrow’s history, to send out a special Father’s Day greeting. Hanna Barrow’s history will come to you in a later issue.

by David O. McKay

As we pay tribute to mothers, I am reminded of Christ and his mother. All through his life he proved his respect for her. She had nursed him. We do not know much about his home life, but we know she loved him, taught him obedience, obedience particularly to his Father, our God.

At twelve years of age a Jewish boy assumed his majority, just as we do at twenty-one. It so happened that at twelve he went down with his parents to Jerusalem to the temple, and you will remember that he remained behind the company, and was asking and answering ???? with the priests, the teachers and the guides in the temple.

Mary and Joseph had gone a day’s journey before they missed him. When they came back to look for him, they found him in the temple, and expressed surprise, but he said, “How is it that ye sought me? Wilst ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” He was twelve; he was a man in the sight of Jewish law, but he recognized his relationship to his earthly parents and went with them.

When we know virtually nothing about him, except that his mother treasured all the prophecies and things about him in her heart. Later, we learn that he was with them at the wedding in Cana of Galilee.

Mary, the mother, went to her son, new ????, and said, “They have no wine. She had confidence in him. She knew that the power was in his hands, and the scriptures go on to say:

His mother saith until the servants. Whateverso he saith unto you, so it.

We hear little about him as related to his mother until the final scenes of his earth life and the mother cherished in her heart a prophecy that had been made by Simeon on the day when Jesus was taken to the temple as a little babe to be blessed.

Have you seen the artist’s portrayal of that? The mother, bending over a crib containing a little babe, and she is looking forward into the future, recalling what Simeon said. The painting is titled, “And a Sword Shall Pierce His Side.” What a responsibility, what a cross to carry, but with that prophecy, she was assured again in the knowledge that all the world would be blessed and made happy, and saved and exalted through her child.

The occasion was nearing when that prophecy would be fulfilled and it was on that occasion that this one ???? tribute to motherhood occurred. Her son was on the cross and the sword about to pierce his side, Mother stood there. The love that his apostles had for him was not sufficient to hold them all there. Some had left-all in fast, except one by whose side the mother stood, and Jesus, our Lord, gave the one supreme tribute as an example to all mankind, to all some everywhere, as he turned and said to his Mother, “Woman, behold thy son.” Then saith he to the disciples, “Behold thy mother.” Among his last thoughts, almost his last word, was of his mother. That a lesson to you and me.

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