John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

It is every mother’s duty, and should be every mother’s aspiration and supreme joy, to make it possible for her children to pay her the tribute that you and I do in the words of Tennyson:

She of whom you speak,

   My mother, looks as whole as some serene

   Creation minted in the golden moods

   Of sovereign artists; not a thought, a touch,

   But pure as lines of green that streak the white

   Of the first snowdrop’s inner leaves

The Princess,

Many of you younger members of the Church have the privilege of putting your arms around your mother and saying, I love you. Some of us cannot so that because Mother has been gone many years, but her influence has always remained. Someday, you, too, will have to say goodbye to mother. (Thanks to truth revealed anew we knew it need be only a temporary parting). Then all you will have on earth will be the memory-memory of the kindnesses that you have shown her and memories of thoughtless moments. The fewer of these memories of forgetfulness or of neglect you have the happier you will be.

To each mother’s son or daughter, we would say: it is your glorious opportunity to make your mother happy not only on Mother’s Day but also on every day in the year. If you order candy or flowers to be given her, she will be pleased; if you tell her in a letter of your appreciation and love, she will shed tears of happiness, but if you keep the spotless character and purity of soul she has given you, she will rejoice as the most blessed of mothers.

Deep in each heart God puts the need
of a love that is tender and strong,
The need of one who will understand
Each sorrow and share each song.

And to us all, He grants one gift
Sweeter than any other,
to answer this need for tenderness
He gives us each a MOTHER

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