John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by, Myrtle D. Jennings

Mr. & Mrs. Garth Braithwaite and family, have recently moved from California to Ogden, Utah, where he is employed at the Thiokol Plant.

Mr. & Mrs. Claude Warner are in the process of building them a new home in Orem, Utah; best of luck.

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Warner and family have recently moved from Pacoma, California to Ogden, Utah. He is employed at the Post Office Dept. in that city.

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Warner of Delta, Utah, had a new baby boy bless their home early this spring.

(The following is a letter received by the Editor from Uncle Ren, of Fillmore, Utah.)

April 7, 1959

Mrs. Marjorie R. Judkins;
My Dear Kin,

Just a moment, I was born March 10, 1887. Been called everything under the sun, this is the first time we have been called a reporter. That is to my knowledge.

Did I hear a voice, a bark, from some distant family tree. It seems I have a faint recollection of seeing that name Lorenzo along some twig, branch, or sprout of that wonderful tree.

If it’s not too late to start to school I’d do my best to pass on to you some little kin or two. Each and every day is the beginning to keep that great trunk pregnated of that great Rowley tree.

I wonder if you happen to know Mrs. Claude Warner, 1733 So. 8th East, Orem, Utah. If so, kindly ask her to add a line or two to this little note for me.

Your Kin, Uncle Ren

P.S. If you don’t know where you are going, you are lost before you start, “that’s me.”

Some folks get all the life kicked out of them trying to get the kick out of life. “Ailing Folks.”

(We enjoyed this letter so much, we thought the rest of our kin would also.)

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