John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by, Lorin P. Rowley

Howard T. Rowley entered the St. Marks Hospital for a check-up and x-rays on 30 January 1959 and was released 8 February 1959.  At this writing he is feeling fine.

Lillian, wife of Clyde Rowley, was rushed to the L.D.S. Hospital on Sunday, 1 February, with a gall bladder attack and was operated on 5 February for the same. The operation was successful and she was released 11 February 1959 and at this time is feeling really well.

Lorin Wm. Rowley, of Layton, Utah entered the Vets Hospital 24 February for a tonsil operation and was released 20 February. Lorin was quite sick for several days, but is back to work now.

Ray and Marilyn Jaegor are now living in Salt Lake City. Ray was released from the Marine Corps 3 April. Ray was stationed at Camp Pendleton for 3 years.

It is reported that Ray, son a Smoot Rowley of Bynum, Montana, left 12 February for Fort Ord, California to train in the Helicopter Division, for Uncle Sam.

Paula, daughter of Paul and Jean Rowley spent a day in the L.D.S. Hospital for a tonsil operation and did just fine. Paula was also baptized by her Grandfather, Lorin P. Rowley on 27 March 1959 and was confirmed by her Grandfather 29 March 1959 as her Daddy was in California on a job.

Ray Rowley of Bynum, Montana was a visitor with relatives in Salt Lake City. Ray is on his way to Bynum for a visit with his folks, before going on to Virginia, where he will continue on with his schooling in the Army. Ray visited on 11 April 1959.

A baby boy was born to Bud and Renae Rowley 6 February 1959 in Missoula, Montana. Bud is the son of Leon Rowley, the baby is the 14th great-great grandchild of Lucy M. Rowley.

Ronald Kent, born 23 February 1949 in Salt Lake City is a son of Lloyd and Betty Hall.

Ricky Jay Rowley, born 24 February 1959 in Great Falls, Montana is the son of Fred and Patricia Frisbee Rowley.

Leon and Edna Rowley of Ravalli, Montana were Conference visitors.

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