John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

We, the editors, went to encourage you who have sons and daughters in the mission field to send us letters from them that you feel would be of interest to family members. Today we are putting in word that has been received of Elder Hugh A. Rowley, son of David Wm. and Lillian Alcorn Rowley, who is serving in the Argentine Mission.

19 May, 1959

Howdy Folks,

This will have to be short as I’ve been packing and it’s taken most of my time. They’ve transferred me to Lomas de Zamora.

I had three outstanding occurrences happen this week, but I will only have time for one. They are all three in my diary.

It’s hard to decide which to tell you, but I think I will tell you about the Adventist. We have a member that has been going to the Adventist Church ever since she was baptized.

We started her out with the first lesson, half way through the third lesson, when an Adventist friend started asking us questions. He kind of fouled up the lesson, so we get into a nice long two hour discussion.

He started out with their usual beginning, the Sabbath Day. We got quite well told about all of the things we do that is wrong according to their Prophetess.

After quite a while I stood up to match his position and bore my testimony in my broken Spanish.

His only reply was, “I believe, too.” I looked him straight in the eye and with all the firmness I had in me I replied, “Sir, I don’t believe. I don’t believe any of this, I KNOW.”

This left him without a comeback, then my companion bore his testimony, then we prepared to offer prayer, and he asked if he could, and he gave a very wordy and lengthy prayer. Then I prayed, the most humble prayer I could offer, and after I finished, the lady had tears in her eyes, but she is still Adventist.

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