History: David William Rowley

We went with Francis and Erma to Kalispell and enjoyed the beautiful country very much. Then over the highline road which Estella said seemed like the top of the world. We saw some big mountain sheep, then on to Havre. Verda went over to Harlem with us. My how the memories flooded back;  we visited Sharon’s grave and also my mother’s and father’s. then we went out to our old home and Estella got to see the country and places where I spent 20 years of my life. When we got back to Havre, Bert had a turkey dinner ready for us and boy was it good because we were all really hungry.

While we were gone to Montana Hugh and Gail had a baby boy. They named him Stephen Michael. Hugh and his family had moved back to Utah and he had gone into the insurance business. They were living in Layton. We went right out to see the new baby.

I had a few days left from my June vacation, so Hubert and Estella and I went to Wyoming. We caught quite a lot of fish in the Green River and we dug out fish fossils from the side of the mountain. It was sire cold there, even in the summer.

August came and with it word that Aleene had given birth to her fifth child, finally another son. They named him Lynn Sumsion Rowley. Ralph was very happy to have a second son.

Soon after we got word that Estella had a new grandson, also, born to Bob and Tita. We wished we could go see them. In November we got word that Geneal had given birth to a new baby girl. Stella felt bad that she couldn’t go down to be with her.

For my birthday that year, 1966, the children gave me a big “surprise” birthday party. It was held in Hugh’s chapel in Layton. There was quite a crowd and they were all my family! Being so near Thanksgiving we had a big turkey dinner and had such a good time. I will never forget it.

This year proved to be a bumper crop of grandchildren for us both. I had four and Estella had two. Then to top it all off, I received word that I was a great grandfather! Cheryl had married a nice young man she met at Ralph’s and now she had a baby. They named him Robert, and he was born 18 December 1966. My cup runneth over! We had dinner with Douglas and Vonna that Christmas. Grant was home from Viet Nam and went with us.

I was still working for the Davis Count School District. They had moved their shops from Farmington to Kaysville. The head of the carpenter shops was Claud Moore, my old friend from California. Estella and I visited them once in a while.

Harold brought his family down for a few days’ vacation and we had a nice visit. They told us that Chad and Virginia were having marital troubles. We had suspected it before.

We were working almost constantly with our genealogical records, sending many sheets to the temple. We enjoyed this work so very much and were receiving heavenly direction in our efforts to do research. Estella was especially having spiritual direction. Refer to her history for details of some of these miracles.

To be continued…


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