History: David William Rowley

Estella’s grandson, Michael Johnson, had been preparing for his mission for a long time. H was my home teaching companion and we had such good time going together. He was also working with the full time missionaries and had brought some of his friends into the church. The time was coming near and then he got his call to go to Ecuador, South America. He got to bless his little two-week old sister the day we had his farewell. He is the oldest and she was the ninth child. He said, “I just realized that she will be talking up a storm when I get to see her again.”

Mike invited us to go to the temple with him when he would get his endowments so we rode with Harold, Myrna Jean, Mike and the new baby, to Provo. We went through the temple with him on 12 November 1968. We bid him goodbye because he was going into the mission home the next morning. I have never seen a finer young man and I love him very much just as I do my own. Margie came and took us back to her place.

We stayed a few days and I was fortunate enough to see my grandson, Kurt Rowley, in the temple. He was in the Missionary Training Center, too, preparing for a mission to Germany.

After doing some more temple work, we came home and had a quiet Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then Grant invited us to come to Hawaii for a visit, so we were thinking about that as the old year closed

Of course first important business for the year 1979 was getting ready for our trip to Hawaii. After exchanging letters and calls with Grant we were all set. Since we had to buy a ticket to Los Angeles before we could fly over, we decided to get the most for our money and visit old friends and relatives in the way. We left our home two weeks early and after just one night at Margie’s we went to St. George where we spent four days with Estella’s oldest friend. I had gotten to be friends with her and her husband, too. We had a grand time there. She took us to see Brigham Young’s home and the home of Jacob Hamblin.

We went from there to Hacienda Heights in California where we spent a few days with Geneal and her family. The oldest son had just learned to drive and was glad to take us anywhere we needed to go. George and Geneal took us to the great big airport, saw that everything was all right and in order and then bought us some breakfast. They saw us safely aboard our huge plane. It was the 21 January 1979.

There were 252 passengers aboard and a large crew. We were real pleased with our seats next to the window. Looking down the ocean was so blue, but after a while we could see nothing but fleecy white clouds with pockets of blue. Every time the little door opened we would see the pilot. We had a Polynesian type salad and we liked it. The steak was tough, so I got to Estella’s too.

When we were approaching Hawaii, after about 5 hours, the pilot was pointing out the things of interest and mentioned a rainbow. We looked out and there was a rainbow lying flat in a perfect semicircle, just above those fleecy white clouds below us. I couldn’t believe it and if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.

To be continued…


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