History: David William Rowley

We landed but couldn’t see anything of Grant. After a while we found each other. Richard was with him. Grant took him everywhere he went except to work. Grant showed us sugar cane and pineapple fields and other things on the way home.

I could make this a very lengthy account, but I know that most people aren’t too interested in a description of what other people have seen so we will make up a packet of this trip and the trip back east for those who are interested.

They were so proud of their new little Annaleesa, their little Korean daughter. We loved and cuddled her, too. Linda fixed some good meals for us and they insisted on us using their bedroom. We enjoyed watching the surf from the living room window and it was just a small walk down to the white sand beach. We loved to go down there. The water was so warm and nice.

The next day was Estella’s birthday and they had sure planned a wonderful time for us. She will never forget that she spent her 70th birthday in the Polynesian Cultural Center and that we were treated like we were VIP’s. We were provided with our own Polynesian guide, a friend of Grant’s, named Toy Lei. He was just wonderful. He drove our private little car and showed us all the things to see. He stayed with us the whole day and went ahead at the Polynesian cafeteria style dinner so when he took a large helping of something that looked good I did too. Estella told Grant that I had eaten all that raw fish he said, “Why, Dad, we haven’t even got so we can eat that!” Our day was complete when we it ended with their two long hour show in the open theater. It depicted their culture from all Polynesia in song and dance. My, how they can sing and dance! Hey are all students going to the college there. The church can surely be proud of what they have done here. I was enthralled by the fire dance and so many things.

Toy Lei had let Grant know what our seat numbers were and so he came for us when the show was over. He had told us that morning that we would have to pay half price on account of him working for the church, but it turned out that we didn’t have to pay anything at all because they think so much of Grant, I guess.

When we got back to the house the kids had made Estella a birthday cake. They gave her a gift too. She said that this was the most wonderful birthday she had ever had.

We spent Tuesday and Thursday evenings in their beautiful little temple. We really appreciated the privilege of being there. Part of Tuesday we took care of Annalessa while Linda took care of her duties as Relief Society Secretary and did some shopping.

Wednesday was the day Grant took off and he and Richard, Estella and I spent the whole day together. We toured the whole island of Oahu and he showed us so many things. I will tell about a few. First, we went to Pearl Harbor and took a boat out to see the ships that were sunk that day. Another thing that really surprised us was Diamond Head. We had seen it on TV and in pictures, but until Grant took us through a tunnel and we found ourselves on the inside of it, we didn’t know that it was an old volcano. We also discovered that there is a small military post inside of Diamond Head.

To be continued…


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