History: David William Rowley

We enjoyed seeing the little grass shack where Robert Louis Steveson wrote many of his stories and the good meal that we ate in the nice café that is near it. We were fascinated with the blow hole where the ocean water comes up through an opening under a ledge. The water spout builds up higher and higher, kind of like a geyser. I was really taken with the large panels in the memorial building in the military cemetery because it showed the islands and described the battles that took place there during the 2nd World War. If I could have spent more time there I would have gotten a much better understanding of what took place then.

He showed us some of the other places they had lived and told us of things they had done. Of course we saw some of the famous beaches and the hotels that begin at $100 per day, but we thought that the beach right by Grant’s home was better because it wasn’t crowded with people.

Friday the 26th of January I fixed Linda’s clothesline and Estella hung clothes out to dry. They have their washer and dryer outside behind the house. They have no way to heat their home and no air conditioning. They don’t need it as the sea breeze keeps it cool most of the year. That day Grandma and I spent quite a bit of time on the beach and wading in the ocean. The water was nice and warm.

We both enjoyed going to Sunday School and Sacrament Meeting with them in their very modest meeting house. It was a joy to hear those Polynesian saints sing and hearing their Chinese members give the main talks. It was great to see how all cultures love each other and get along. They were a very kind and loving people. This experience was a fitting was to bring our visit ti a close. After we had eaten a good dinner they took us to the airport. It was about 35 or 40 miles from their home. They bought us lovely Hawaiian leis made of island flowers and kissed us goodbye. Richard cried a little when we left.

The flight back was uneventful as a lot of it was in the dark. We were disgusted with the middle aged women next to us when they got as drunk as could be and still stand up. We were very grateful that George and Geneal had driven the 50 miles to meet our plane and take us safely back to their place. Estella was sick the next day, from the jet lag I guess. It didn’t seem to bother her when we went over. We couldn’t do much while there because it rained so hard.

We were glad to take the bus and be on our way back to Utah and then home, after a few days visit with the family and sometime in the temple.

To be continued…


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