History: David William Rowley

GRACE – In my mind’s eye I can see Grace when she was just a small baby. She was such a pretty little thing with those big blue eyes and such rosy cheeks. All of her life she has a beautiful complexion. When David came along Grace was still a baby of less than a year so Lillian turned over to me to take care of and she became Daddy’s girl. I took her with me many places – I couldn’t take her to the field, of course. One day when Grace was a few years older, her mother was sewing and visiting with another woman. Grace had turned one of the big wooden chairs over and was using the back of it for a slide. Lillian told her to stop doing that a few times, but I guess Grace didn’t stop. Finally Lillian said to her, “just let me see you do that again.” Grace was quick to accommodate, not knowing what was coming for she gpt a spanking for not minding.

Looking back it seemed like from the first Grace wanted to be helpful and tried to please us. As she grew older I’m afraid she had too many burdens placed on her young shoulders, her being the oldest and so willing. I wasn’t around Grace all the time after she was old enough to help her mother and I am the world’s worst observer. I wish I had been more so with Grace and had been mindful of her needs more.

I want her to know that I am proud of her devotion to duty, of her faith in the Lord and od her generous nature. I love you very much, my first born!

To be continued…


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