History: David William Rowley

DAVID – I can remember that David was a cute little baby, too, as we took he and Grace to church. He was so full of life, even from the first. Someone told me when David was small that if I could channel that energy of his into the right things I would sure have a real go-getter.

David was my real helper on the farm. He loved to work with the horses and cows and did his chores willingly and well. He seemed to love the fields and everything about the farm. For his sake I often wished that we had not left the farm. We had to move because of Grant’s health. When we moved to the city, David seemed like a fish out of water and couldn’t seem to find his place there. Something went wrong with our relationship too. I couldn’t give him the money he needed and he couldn’t find work to earn it.

The older children will remember David as a wonderful dancer. When he and his partner would start to really dance the other couples would leave the floor and they, along with everyone else, would watch David. Lillian and I were very proud of him.

There was such sorrow and such a void when he was killed. I hope that when I get to the other side I can sit down with David and ask his forgiveness and get to know him better.

To be continued…


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