History: David William Rowley

DOUGLAS – he seemed to be a favorite with his mother, maybe because he had those beautiful golden curls. She wanted to name him Golden and was quite put out with me when I gave him another name at the time I blessed him. I am sure she came to realize that Douglas suited him just fine.

He was as cute and mischievous as could be. When I chastised him I thought I had to do it until he cried. But he would never cry until he could get out behind the barn or something. Then he would cry his little heart out. I wish I had understood him better!

As soon as Ralph was old enough for them to play together it was Ralph that Douglas looked to for leadership. Maybe Ralph could help him with his problems better than we could.

Bought him a pair of glasses when the doctor said that was what he needed. I am sorry we didn’t get him to a really good doctor while we lived in Montana. By the time we had his eyes operated on in California, it was too late for him to learn a lot of things he had missed. I am so grateful that he married a girl who had the patience and the know how to teach him many things.

Douglas, I am so proud of you. You have stayed steadfast in the church and continued ti have great faith in the Lord. Estella has expressed it right when she said, “you can always count on Douglas to be the same – loving and true.”

To be continued…


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