History: David William Rowley

RALPH – He was a pretty little red-headed boy, our third son and the third one of a good team. I can still see those three little guys playing together or just sitting with their heads together. Later they were a co-operative team in helping us to live the gospel.

One thing about Ralph – when he was small and would get his feelings hurt, he would start crying there in the house. He would really make a lot of noise so we told him if he had to cry he had better go outside to do it. From then on he would go outside and really bellow to let us all know he had been hurt.

From the time Ralph was in grade school he really liked to study and seemed to set his goal for getting a really good education. Later on he didn’t even want a car because he knew it would interfere with his getting that good college education. Ralph I am so proud of you, that you have stuck with it and kept studying, even through thick and thin. I have regretted so much that I didn’t stick with studying more. You have achieved your goal of being a well-educated man.

I am more proud of you for being a man who really loves the Lord. You are so humble in your devotion to Him. Next to the Lord you love your family and this is as it should be, my son. May the Lord always prosper you in your righteous endeavors.

To be continued…


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