John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Individual freedom is innate in the human soul. God has given us our free agency, and next to life itself that is our greatest gift from heaven. You men and women know that is true because of your own love of liberty.

This is because we live in this great land of ours. Let us hope that through our efforts we may keep it this way.

We are now looking forward to another reunion and we hope it will be a big success and with your efforts it will be. Those who are in charge have put forth much time and effort to make it so. Try to be there.

Our by-product now, is research. The Church is very strong on this. To do this it is necessary that we have co-operation in getting your family group sheets together. As we are getting into research, it means some expense, so please send in what you can for this all important project. We are getting some results now, so don’t let the same ones do all the financing. Find out which branch is yours and work on it.

Hoping to see you at the reunion!

Your Presidency

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