John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Activities will begin at about 10 a.m.. There will be swimming and a variety of sports, with races for the youngsters and those young at heart. Tennis courts are available and a softball diamond is also available. The section of the Park just north of the Pioneer Museum will be reserved for our reunion.

Promptly at 5pm inside the Museum building, our program will begin. Many fine numbers are being prepared. It will be a program that all will enjoy,

Everyone bring their own lunches and we will plan to have the group dinner about 4 in the afternoon. The Park has play equipment, swings, slides, teeter-totters, etc. for your youngsters. They also have a ferris wheel and some small amusement rides for the little ones.

Fun is being planned for everyone and we hope everyone will come. The success of this reunion will depend upon those who put forth the effort to come and enjoy themselves, and enjoy themselves they will at a day of happy activity and meeting relatives we haven’t seen since last year.

There will also be meetings for those of you who would like to copy some of the records we have on file. So bring your own books and extra sheets.

That date again is August 8, in Provo.

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